Critical Path Management

Kurt l musser - critical path management.


B.S., United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., 1972

M.S.C.E., Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN., 1983

Adjunct Professor, University of North Florida, currently teaching BCN4720, Construction Planning, Scheduling and Controlling


PM, Army Corps of Engineers, Altus AFB, Ok, 1983

PM, Naval Facilities Engineering Command(NAVFAC), Orlando, FL, 1983-1985

Resident Engineer in Charge of Construction, NAVFAC, Orlando, FL, 1985-1996

Contracting Officer, NAVFAC, Orlando, FL, 1992-1996

Contracting Officer Technical Contract Claims Representative, NAVFAC, NAS Jacksonville, FL 1996-2000

NAVFAC Scheduling Engineer, Southern Division, NAVFAC, 2000-2006

Critical Path Management - providing scheduling, review, updates, and litigation support since 2006

Since receiving my Masters Degree in Civil Engineering Construction Management in 1983, I have been involved with construction projects on a regular basis and understand all aspects of construction methodology and techniques. That is why I can review plans and specs and walk job sites and understand the nature and complexity of project planning and execution and create, review and update CPM schedules that accurately reflect the proper sequencing for project teams to complete their projects on time.

My 20 plus years with NAVFAC gave me the contracting and administration experience that allowed me to help contractors navigate construction contracting using the FAR.

During my tenure with NAVFAC, I began reviewing and analyzing CPM schedules for delays.  I have been accepted by the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and the US Court of Federal Claims as an expert witness for schedule delays. I have testified in over 25 court cases and have provided construction scheduling and delay analysis for more than 150 claims. Since my retirement from the government in 2006, I have continued to provide litigation support for contractors' delay claims as well as government claims.

I primarily use Primavera P6 as my scheduling software, however, I teach Primavera Contractor at UNF and use it for smaller construction schedules. In addition, I use Primavera Suretrak/P3 for schedules. I also use Phoenix Project Manager.

Since I work at home, I can provide detailed scheduling that meets any contractor's needs quickly and efficiently.