Critical Path Management

Whether you are constructing a building or the jet fighter of the future, the successful planning, management and control of your project depends on having a good schedule because time is money and being able to know at any given point in the project if you are on time, behind schedule or ahead of schedule allows you the flexibility to adjust manpower, equipment and sequencing to finish that project successfully. With Critical Path Method(CPM) scheduling you can know where you have been, where you are and where you are going at any time during the life of your project and make the adjustments needed to be on time or ahead of schedule. With over 35 years of experience creating, reviewing, analyzing and teaching CPM Scheduling, I am available to meet your scheduling needs quickly and cost effectively. If you need a schedule, you need more than a data entry person. You need someone with experience in not only construction, but experience in creating and maintaining the schedule to meet all your management needs. And if you have a dispute, you need someone who can combine all of that experience  and give you that confidence that the review and analysis of any delay is truthful, accurate and trustworthy.